Family Law

  • Divorce
    When a family is simply not working and the only answer is to dissolve the marriage, Attorney Weingast can help end the relationship in a civil and fair manner that leaves lives intact and family members with their dignity.
  • Attorney Weingast has completed training in a model called Collaborative Divorce which allows divorce clients to successfully resolve their differences with less cost and avoid the frustration of going to court.
  • Custody and guardianship matters
    When a marriage dissolves and children are involved, disputes over their living arrangements, financial security and other personal matters can be damaging to all involved.  Attorney Weingast’s approach is to help families settle these issues fairly without trauma to the children and their parents.
  • Alimony and child support
    A critical step after a divorce is arriving at a fair and equitable financial settlement for all parties involved, including the children.  Attorney Weingast works with the partners to make this possible.
  • Sexual abuse
    In matters of sexual abuse, Attorney Weingast helps survivors deal with the offenses in a just and private manner that enables them to move through and away from the abuse in later life.
  • Same Sex Unions
    In 2008, Connecticut legalized same sex marriage and few attorneys have experience of the legal ramifications for individuals. Attorney Weingast has such experience.

  • Matters involving the Department of Children and Families
    It is tough enough to deal with bureaucracy, but when children are involved these are particularly difficult. Attorney Weingast has experience in matters of custody, guardianship and foster family arrangements that involve DCF.
  • Wills
    Planning for the future is important but can be difficult. Attorney Weingast can help you think through your options for end of life decisions and how to distribute your possessions.